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After a while of working and making countless mistakes, she was arrogant enough to show superiority in front of new potential interns. Even entering basic data entry records for patients was difficult for her to complete. Since the hospital had many visitors and patients entering and exiting daily, she would use other nurse's initials to avoid trouble if she was unsure of whether she did something correctly.


Ariana had experience of chasing after people like her, so she already attached a tracking device on Kitty without her noticing. The tracker was stuck to her back, so wherever she hid, Ariana would be able to find her almost immediately.


Susu had her eyes closed while Lily comforted her. Suddenly, her eyes widened, "Repeat what you just said." She looked up, and Lily slowly repeated her words again.


Perhaps they may be closer in the future, but right now, she only wanted to rest in peace with no chaos for a while. After waking up, all she heard were negative news that she could barely process. Professor Luo Xia spoke for the first time in their conversation, "take good care of yourself. We'll be here with you if you need us. Don't feel pressured by our sudden appearance. Everything will go at your pace, alright?"


After going back to their rooms, Susu twist and turned in bed; unable to fall asleep. After half an hour later, she gasped and gulped, "I need to use the bathroom! But.. what if the ghost comes to haunt me.." Though she was a hardcore fan of horror movies, she always would need company to the bathroom if someone watched the movie with her.


The touch of her fingers brushed against the whorls of his right ear, making him quiver in excitement as uncontrollable desires filled his eyes. His kisses trailed past her lips, going southward down her ear lobe. Soft moans filled his ears as she minimized the noises that came out of her mouth; conscious of where she was at.

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"What do you mean? How is this even a discussion?" Zin Leung gritted his teeth at the sight of his daughter sitting on the enemy's lap and flirting without caring about his existence.


"Yes!! I'm finally here!! Finally, out of the maze!!" he rushed into the room to see the cold, ruthless rumored CEO of Huang Corps servicing a pale, fragile lady in bed with such warmth in his eyes. Chen Mu gasped with his palms against his cheeks, "Oh my!!! It's true!!!!!"


She coughed tremendously as his fingers wrapped even tighter around her neck, blocking air from entering her body. Her feet left the cold floor and slippers laid sloppily across the room as her legs swung in every direction during the struggle. Just when she was about to black out, Karen arrived home and witnessed the craziness.


"I have copies of this in another hard drive. Of course, if you would listen to my request and comply to it, I would erase this evidence of your plagiarized paper and bribery to the professor in the classroom. What do you say?" Karen smirked and felt smart for never cleaning out useless junk from her phone.


As his arms covered her small body, she chuckled and looked up, "My Mister Lin, will you care to join Huang Corps' annual event to support your little bunny who will act as a model that day?"


"Since Miss. Karen has spoken that she has no other methods of proving this rose design as her own, then it is now my turn to prove that I am the original designer. And the stealer and copy cat here would only be Miss. Karen once I present visible evidence. Do you all agree with me?" Susu asked the audience with most of them nodding and shouting out yes. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"Nah, it's just her being a narcissist by nature. She literally believes that she is prettier than all of us just because her skin looks a little more flawless than ours. Tsk, tsk, tsk. A few greetings and it makes her think that a guy likes her. What delusional mind does she have?" One of the nurses shook her head and heaved a huge sigh.



Susu could only shyly walk beside him and slowly get used to the attention every staff was giving her. Meanwhile, the devil beside her had no problem hugging her everywhere, sprinkling salt on everyone who is single in the company.



Susu mumbled, "Now that I think about it...ever since I was young, Auntie Shen Wen always asked me if my mother left me anything. I always told her I didn't have anything from my mother because my father didn't want me to miss my mother so he threw everything of hers away...But she never stopped asking me. She just twisted the words when she asked me indirectly every time."


After a few minutes of staring into each other's eyes, she frowned from his silence, "If you're not going to tell me the answer, then it's fine. Just leave me hanging. I'll walk home myself while you stay here to eat some wind!"


Susu shook her head and smiled, "it's alright. You have your reasons and I believe in him. I also believe in fate. If my life was meant to end a year ago, then I wouldn't be here right now. Since I'm here, I won't lose my determination in surviving the cancer and the low immune system bullshit."

  • "Anyways, I worked on designing the shoes separately from the programs as it failed to live up to my expectations, so I did everything hands on. Every single design that I made is uniquely marked with my initials, which I've already proved using today's product. Of course, I also understand that having a pair of shoes that matches with the outfit would not help prove much, but I wanted to take things slowly."
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